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Home of Badminton in Liverpool

Welcome to the

Welcome to Liverpool Badminton Website.  We aim to pull together all badminton related activities in Liverpool in to this one site to help promote & showcase the sport.  If you would like your activity to appear on this site please send us a message.  Local Clubs and League activities can be found within.  

This is the site for the Liverpool & District Badminton League, which was founded in 1939, to promote the sport of Badminton in this amazing city of Liverpool.  

We work with our governing body Badminton England and many agencies within Merseyside to develop our sport. Check out our pages to see what local badminton opportunities are available.

Coronavirus has stopped play throughout the city but as soon as restrictions are lifted we will be back on court stronger than ever.

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Latest News

NHS Games Primary Games

The Liverpool Primary Games Competition organised by the Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership.   Another great experience and introduction to the sport.


Due to Covid-19 all league activities have been suspended until September 2021.  Some clubs will re-open as soon as facilities allow and local restrictions are lifted, following the current Badminton England guidance.  

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