Welcome to the 30th Liverpool Junior Open 2019

27th October 2019

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Greenbank 5

Greenbank Sports Academy
Greenbank Lane,
Liverpool L17 1AG

Venue for:
Sunday 27th October 2019 9am U15 events.

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U17/15/13 Bronze Circuit Regulations

a) Players born:

Under 13 - 2008 Under 15 - 2006 Under 17 - 2004

b) Open to all player grades (and ungraded players) except for:

Under 13 - H & Above Under 15 - G & Above Under 17 - F & Above

Note: Players individual grades in that event (singles, doubles, mixed) will determine which events a player can enter.

c) Membership:
Players must have a Compete, Play or Coach Membership of Badminton England. Players without a Compete membership will be required to pay an additional £7 ‘BE Competition Fee’ per tournament. You can upgrade from Play or Coach to a Compete Membership at any point for just £10 which will last for the term of your membership. The Compete Membership includes a competition licence which will entitle you to enter as many selected Badminton England sanctioned tournaments (see the list of tournaments in Membership www.badmintonengland/membershipfaqs) as you like, without any additional ‘BE Competition Fees’.
Note all non-resident players must have registered with Badminton England and will be required to pay the £7 ‘BE Competition Fee’ per tournament or upgrade to Compete Membership.

a) The preliminary rounds of the singles and level doubles will be played in groups. (Minimum group size of 4) [There will be no mixed doubles event / Mixed doubles will be played in groups.]
b) Games will be 1 to 21 rally points no extended scoring in the groups stages, extended scoring to 30 if required at the knockout stages.
c) The period for knocking up before any match shall not exceed TWO minutes.
d) No Advice/Coaching:
i) U17 and U19 age groups - is permitted during intervals, but must not disrupt play. No Coaching between points.
ii) U11, U13, and U15 age groups - is NOT permitted.
e) Winners, runners-up and semi-finalists will be awarded medals. Positions 1 to 4 in the singles consolation will also be awarded medals.
Note: Where a Silver and Bronze tournament are planned for the same day, if the entry in some disciplines is such that it will not be viable to run as separate events, the Tournament Referee may at their discretion combine Silver and Bronze entries in some or all disciplines.
If this happens in the singles events, the entry will be drawn so as to ensure that the higher grade players are spread equally throughout the draw. The winners of each group will then play off for Silver Circuit medals and the second in each group will play off for consolation Bronze Circuit medals.
For grading and ranking purposes those playing off for Silver Circuit medals will be treated as if they were playing a Silver tournament and those in the consolation will not receive any additional ranking points. Ranking points for group matches will be allocated as if the event was a Bronze event.
f) Consolation format at U11 and U13 Singles - The first round of the singles events will be played with the majority of groups containing 4 players, groups of 3 are permitted if influenced by withdrawals or an unsuitable entry number. The second round will be split into 2 knockouts with the top 2 finishing positions in the groups moving into the main draw and all remaining players moving into a consolation knockout draw.
g) The Tournament Referee will set the order of play in each tournament and reserve the right to cancel a tournament and/or amend these conditions, in particular, the format of play if circumstances dictate. Any amendments will be notified to entrants.

a) The tournament committee reserves the right to restrict entries where an event(s) is oversubscribed.
b) Selection and seeding shall firstly use the BE Player Grading List (as on the closing date). If the cut off for main draw acceptance is mid grade, the English National Ranking List shall be used.
c) The tournament committee, when approved by Badminton England, reserves the right to use their discretion in selection and seeding, promote players to the main draw, to limit entries in any particular event, or alter or modify the programme in any way it sees fit, if it is in the interest of the tournament or where standard of competitors is not known.

a) Entries must be made online through tournament software and must be received with payment by the closing date. If at its discretion the Tournament Committee should accept entries and/or fees after the closing date, there will be a surcharge of £5.00 per player.
b) Both doubles partners must submit an entry. If you have no partner and would like to enter a doubles event please select ‘Partner Required’. The tournament committee will make every effort to find you a partner but cannot guarantee to do so.
c) While every effort will be made to check all entries, it is ultimately the responsibility of the player to ensure that they comply with entry regulations. Ensure that all details are completed in full.
d) Incomplete entries or entries made without any payment may be ignored.
e) No player/pair shall enter or be entered in two of the following competitions if the published dates of the competitions overlap unless otherwise agreed with the organisers of both tournaments; English Nationals, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Even Age Group Circuit tournaments.
A player is deemed to have entered, for the purpose of this regulation, if the entry has been made and not withdrawn on the closing date. Any subsequent withdrawal by a player/pair accepted in the draw of a tournament will not allow the player/pair to enter in any other event with overlapping dates.
If entry has been made into tournaments with overlapping dates without permission from both organisers, no rankings will be awarded.
f) WITHDRAWAL: Should you need to withdraw, you must contact the tournament organiser by phone and confirm in writing.
Competitors prevented from playing by illness or injury, or other unforeseen cause, shall have entry fees returned in full
- If the player withdraws before the entry closes.
- If the player is placed onto a reserve list and is not later promoted or declines to be promoted to the main draw.
- In doubles, where a player withdraws, their partner is entitled to a full refund. However, the withdrawing player will be subject to normal refund policies below
After entry has closed and before 48 hours of the published tournament start time and competitor who may be prevented from playing by illness, injury or other unavoidable hindrance, shall have their entry fees returned in full, less £10 set handling charge.
No refund will be paid if withdrawal is within 48 hours of the published tournament start time.
g) If after the draw is published a player withdraws or retires, the player must be withdrawn from all other events in which they are entered. The referee has the discretion to overrule this where a player is unable to start or complete a game as a consequence of unforeseen circumstances but may not be incapacitated from playing in further matches in other events.
h) Competitors must be prepared to play at the times stated for the commencement of each event. Each competitor will be advised by email with the time of their first match in each event for which they have been accepted. If no such notification has been received by 7 days prior to the Championships it is the responsibility of the competitor to enquire from the Tournament Secretary.
i) Competitors must report to the Referee immediately on arrival and must not leave the centre without the Referee’s permission until eliminated from all events. Any competitor not ready to play when called will be liable to be scratched.
j) Entry is at the competitor's own risk, and by signing the entry form the competitor undertakes that to the best of their knowledge they are healthy to compete.

a) All tournaments are run in accordance with BE Regulations for Tournaments. Clothing must be acceptable badminton clothing and its suitability, within the regulations, will be at the discretion of the Referee. Copy is available at www.badmintonengland.co.uk/tournamentregulations.
Players and attendees agree to abide by BE policies and codes of conduct, and as such fully recognise and adhere to the principles of the BE Child Protection Policy. Copy is available at www.badmintonengland.co.uk/regulations.
b) No competitor shall be obliged to start before 9am or commence a match after 8pm (Under13), 9pm (Under 15) and 10pm (Under 17) on a Saturday. Play should finish no later than 4-5pm on a Sunday.
c) Ranking - English National Ranking points will be awarded. See the BE website for full details.
d) Grading - Results will count towards the National Grading system. See the BE website for full details.
e) Babolat feather shuttlecocks will be used.

Anyone wishing to photograph or video at a tournament must be registered by an event official (Regulations for Tournaments Appendix E-Photography & Video Registration Form). Filming should only take place to the side or back of the court and permission should be sought from the coach/parents of all players involved. Matches shall not be filmed if any one coach/parent objects. Please speak to Tournament Organiser or Referee if you have any concerns.

By entering this tournament you agree to the organisers holding your personal information in order to contact you about future badminton tournaments and other relevant badminton opportunities. It will not be shared with any third parties. If you do not want your personal information used beyond this tournament please contact the tournament organiser listed on the prospectus.

Badminton England is committed to providing equal treatment for all its staff, members, associated members, prospective members, guests and prospective guests in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. By entering this tournament you agree to comply with BE Equality and Diversity Policy. A copy of the policy can be downloaded at www.badmintonengland.co.uk/regulations.

Drug testing may take place at domestic tournaments, as well as international tournaments. If you enter a BE sanctioned tournament you can be tested. Athletes should make themselves aware about the UK Sport anti-doping initiative; information is available through the Anti-Doping Section of our website.

The BE Sports Betting & Integrity Policy is intended to protect our players and those in and around the game from the threat that unscrupulous activity can bring.  The Policy covers betting & wagering, best efforts, match fixing and the use of inside information.  
The Policy shall apply to all Covered Persons who participate in, assist in or prepare Players to participate in any BE sanctioned event. Each Covered Person shall be automatically bound by, and be required to comply with, this Policy by virtue of such participation, assistance or preparation. The Policy (inc. definition of Covered Person) is available at www.badmintonengland.co.uk/regulations.

11) BE or the organiser will not be liable for any expense incurred as a result of this event being cancelled or postponed. All expenses are at the sole risk of the competitor.

12) English National Age Group Championships: U19/17/15/13/11
In order to enter the English National Age Group Championships players must meet the eligibility and qualification criteria below.
a) Eligibility Criteria:
* Member of and in good standing with Badminton England
* Does not enter the National Championships of any other Country in the same season
* Has not represented any other BWF Member Association for three years immediately preceding the date of the tournament
* Meets one of the following:
i. Born in England
ii. Parent born in England
iii. Has been resident in England for 3 years or more and still currently resident
iv. Last represented England
b) Qualification Criteria:
* To qualify for the Age Group National Championships a player must have played a minimum of 3 sanctioned circuit tournaments of which 1 must be in the age group of the Championships being entered.
* Qualification requirements may be waived. Application must be made in writing and include supporting evidence (exceptional circumstances only e.g. – illness or injury), to markdownie@badmintonengland.co.uk prior to the closing date.
c) Dispensations – The competitions and events department will consider entries from players who are not otherwise qualified, provided they have submitted a written request for exemption, together with supporting evidence, to the competition manager at Badminton England prior to the closing date of the tournament.
d) Exceptions – In the interest of the player’s development and Badminton England’s performance objectives, players may be exempted from the qualification requirements above only if a request has been made to the Competition and Events Team by the England Junior Performance Team by September 30th 2018.

13) The Tournament Referee’s decision in all matters relating to the tournament shall be final.