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Liverpool City Summer Battle Badminton League

Upper Realm


The Summer Battle Badminton league for Club standard players is now live!!!

Players can sign up now for free and play as many games as they like (both singles and doubles). Sign up at:

Enter your advocate code in the relevant field for auto registration into your city league. RS1415

Players already registered in Battle Badminton can go to their profile page and click the Realm Code button:

Liverpool Social Battle Badminton League

Summer league
Battle Badminton (2)

Battle Badminton needs you:

♦ Find new social players, aged 18+, to play
♦ Decide how, where and when you 'battle' it out on court
♦ Set your own rules and scoring systems
♦ Log 'battle' results to earn points each time you play
♦ Rise the ranks in local or national leaderboards
♦ Create your own leaderboard to challenge your friends
♦ Engage in 'Battle' banter on and off court

Your referal number is: RS1415

Can you face the challenge?
Right across England, people just like you have already signed up for FREE to be part of Battle Badminton.
Sports fans and social players alike are eager to issue and accept challenges with you to get on court and 'battle' it out for pride in singles or doubles matches.
We want you to join the #battle.

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