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Liverpool Badminton

Liverpool & District Badminton League

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Ongoing from October to March each year.

All clubs are entered in to this competition at the beginning of the season.  Teams are given a handicap based on those playing  and thier position in the league. This works as a knock-out competition and follows the same format as mixed league play.

Stan Wahlers

Team Cup

Annual Restricted


This event takes place mid January to help kick start the New Year.   It is open to all registered clubs in the league.  It is a mixed event requiring 2 men and two women from the same club.   Entries to this event are open from November onwards.


This annual event usually takes place in February or March, it is open to all registered league players from any club.  Singles, Mixed Womens & Mens Doubles are played. We have a rolling programme of clubs organising this event on an annual basis.  


Dates for this Seasons Competitions are to be confirmed

Sangster Cup                              2021         (On hold)    

Stan Wahlers Team Cup             2021         (On hold)

Annual Restricted Tournament    2021        (On hold)

Sangster Cup L S Winner