League Constitution


The Association shall be called "The Liverpool and District Badminton League" (hereinafter referred to as "the League") and shall be affiliated to the Lancashire County Badminton Association.


The object of the League shall be the organisation of competition amongst clubs of the district with a view to promoting fellowship and interest in the game.


The League shall be open to clubs of one or more teams affiliated to the Lancashire County Badminton Association situated within a radius of fifteen miles of Liverpool Town Hall.

Applications for Full Membership of the League shall be sent in writing to the League Secretary on or before 1st. July in each year (every club to apply each year) and their acceptance shall be subject to the decision of the League Committee. If an application form is not received by 1st. July, Membership of the League will automatically cease. Clubs desirous of withdrawing a team or teams from the League must notify the League Secretary on or before 1st. July in each year.

Honorary Membership of the League may also be granted to Clubs affiliated to the Lancashire County Badminton Association and which are situated within a fifteen mile radius of Liverpool Town Hall. Such clubs may only take part in tournaments and knockout competitions organised by the League and shall not be entitled to vote on any matter.

Recognised Youth Clubs may be granted Associate Membership of the League at the discretion of the Committee. Such clubs may take part in any Junior Events organised by the League, but shall not be entitled to vote on any matter.


The annual Subscription for clubs in Full, Honorary or Associate membership shall be decided at the previous A.G.M. Full Honorary or Associate member clubs from whom subscriptions have not been received by November 1st. in any season will no longer be considered members of the League for that season and must therefore re-apply for membership, in writing, the following season.


The Annual General Meetings of the League shall be held in the month of May in each year to receive the Annual Report and the Audited Accounts for the previous year, to elect the officers and committee for the forthcoming year, to consider any alterations to constitution and rules and to transact general business. All notices of motions to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting must be in the hands of the League Secretary not later than April 1st. of each year. A copy of the Agenda and the Accounts shall be in the hands of each Club Secretary not less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of the General Meeting, the quorum for which shall be one third of the clubs in full membership. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Committee or on the requisition of not less than one quarter of the clubs in full membership, such requisition to be sent to the League Secretary, signed by the clubs concerned. Each full member club represented, together with the officers of the League, shall be entitled to one vote at a general Meeting. Any member of a full, honorary or associate member club together with an appointed representative of the Lancashire County Badminton Association may attend such meetings and take part in the discussion but may not vote. The season’s fixtures shall be arranged at a Special Meeting to be called for that purpose. Each team not having a representative at a General meeting shall be fined the sum of twenty-five pounds (£25). Each club not having a representative at the Fixture Meeting shall be fined the sum of five pounds (£5).


The officers of the League to be elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be the President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary or Secretaries, Honorary Match Results Secretary or Secretaries and the Tournament Secretary.

The Inter-League Secretary, Development Committee Chairman and such other officers as may from time to time be appointed. All officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

Any officer (other than the President or Vice-Presidents) who does not attend four Committee meetings in a year, will automatically be treated as having resigned.


The Committee of the League shall consist of the ex-officio officers and eight ordinary Committee members, five shall form a quorum. The ex-officio officers shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary or Secretaries, Honorary Match Results Secretary or Secretaries and other officers as specified in Clause 6 above. These persons shall be the officers of the Committee. The ordinary Committee members, who shall be each from separate, full member clubs (if difficulty is experienced in finding ordinary committee members, the rule may be waived to allow a maximum of two from any full member club) shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for two years, one half to retire each year in rotation and be eligible for immediate re-election. Any Committee member who does not attend four meetings in a year, will automatically be treated as having resigned. Anyone elected by the Committee to fill a casual vacancy shall serve until to such time as the original member would retire by rotation. At least three Officers and all other members of the committee must be bona fide members of a League Club. Any candidate for election as an ex-officio member or an ordinary member, other than a retiring member, must be nominated in writing by not less than two persons who are members of clubs which are affiliated to the Lancashire County Badminton Association and to the League, and all such nominations must be in the hands of the Secretary at least three days before the Annual General Meeting.


The Management of the League shall be vested in the Committee as elected in Clause 7 above, and contracts and agreements entered into by the Committee shall be deemed to be entered into by the League.

The Committee, so elected, shall conduct the business of the League. It shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees for specific purposes and to define their duties. The Officers of the Committee shall ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees. In the event of any officer or committee member resigning, the Committee shall have power to appoint someone in his or her place. It shall resume its responsibilities at the close of the Annual General Meeting each year. It shall appoint the Honorary Auditor(s) who shall NOT be members of the Committee, but shall be full member(s) of an affiliated club(s), or a person who is legally qualified to issue a statutory audit report. It shall have power to co-opt other members of League Clubs to any of its sub-committees.

The Committee shall meet not less than bi-monthly during the playing season, and may be called by the Chairman and or Honorary Secretary(ies), or at a request of four members of the Committee.


All moneys due to the League must be paid to the Honorary Treasurer unless otherwise specified by the Committee. The financial year shall terminate on the 1st. April each year. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep, or cause to be kept, a record of all financial transactions of the League. All books and relevant papers, together with the Annual Statement of Accounts, comprising the Income and Expenditure Account and a Balance Sheet, shall be submitted to the Honorary Auditor(s) not less than twenty-one days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


The "Season" for play shall be considered to commence the 3rd week in September each year, and to terminate on the last Saturday in April of the following year.


The teams in the League shall be arranged by the Committee in divisions of up to 10 teams. New teams must enter one of the lowest divisions. Multi-teams must register teams in order of strength. The first team to be the strongest and any additional teams in descending order of strength.

Excepting under exceptional circumstances, the team finishing at the top of any division, other than the highest division, shall be promoted. Other promotions and relegation’s shall be at the discretion of the Committee. The position of teams in all divisions shall be decided by points – one point being awarded for each event won per match.

In the event of two or more clubs finishing the season with equal points in the same division, then their positions shall be decided by the games aggregate.

In the event of two or more teams from the one club being placed in the same division, these teams shall meet in the earliest fixtures of the season and the earliest fixture of the second half of the season.

League Rules


Each team in the League shall play Home and Away Matches with every
other team in the same division. Teams shall consist of four Men and four
Ladies and each match shall consist of Eight Events (four mixed, two
men's and two ladies' doubles), each event being the best of three games
of 21 points each (extended to 30 points if required) using the ‘Rally
points’ scoring system.
Each team receiving one league point for each event won in the match
( 8-0, 7-1, 6-2, 5-3, 4-4).
Team sheets must be exchanged prior to the commencement of play,
showing a full list of players and playing order. Couples must be arranged
in order of strength by the Captain. It is not necessary for the best two
players in a team to play together but the pairs must be arranged in order
of strength. The strongest pair shall, as first couple, play the strongest
pair ranking as first couple from the opposing side, the second pair, that
is, the next strongest couple, shall play the second pair of the opposing
side and so on. NO alteration in playing order will be allowed during the
playing of a match. Absent players shall have two games of 21 points to
love scored against them in each event.
Should it be found impossible, due to unforeseen circumstances, to
complete all events of a match, the opposing Captains shall mutually
agree to either:- (a) complete all outstanding events at some date in the
near future with the SAME players, such date to suit both clubs, OR, (b)
complete outstanding events on the same evening in a shortened form of
one game of 21 points to win (extended to 30 points if required). An event
so won, score being 11 or over, shall count as two games to one; score
being under 11, shall count as two games to love. (For the purpose of this
agreement, the relative portion of this rule above would be temporarily
For failure to comply with this rule, see penalty under Clause 21.
Matches must commence between 7.00 and 8.00 pm mid week unless
previously agreed by the committee. Saturday and Sunday matches may
start before 7.00 pm with the prior agreement of both clubs and both clubs
must inform the Match Results Secretary of the earlier start time.
A team which has no couple present at the agreed time shall forfeit one
event. If later than 1/2 hr. after the agreed start time, one further event
shall be forfeited (the non offending team to select event or events at the
termination of the match). If later than 3/4 hr. after the agreed start time
with no two couples present, the match must be commenced with the
players then in attendance playing in a mutually agreed order of strength.
Should play not have commenced within an hour of the fixed time of
starting, the match shall be awarded to the team in attendance. The time
of starting play MUST be entered on the completed score sheets which
must be endorsed by the representatives of both teams. For failure to
state time of starting see penalty under Clause 21.
No player selected to play in a particular match shall be eligible to play in
that match unless he or she is present and ready to play half an hour after
the agreed starting time, or by mutual agreement (which must be obtained
prior to start of match), and no player is allowed to leave the match
without the consent of both Team Captains (whose consent shall not be
reasonably withheld). Any player conceding a game through injury is not
permitted to take any further part in that match.
In the event of late arrival or non-attendance, the relevant game will be
awarded to the opposing team 21 aces to love.
Should the non-offending Team Captain accept the late start/late arrival
without availing himself of this ruling "at the commencement of play" no
claim under this ruling will be accepted, subject to any unforeseen
eventuality that may arise which can be decide by appeal to the
Visiting teams shall abide by the bye-laws of the Home Club with regards
to "lets" and "faults", provided these do not contravene the Laws of
Badminton. The Visitors shall be notified before the commencement of the
matches of any such Bye-Laws likely to affect the play. A scorer must be
appointed and their decision shall be binding.
In all matches a standard feather shuttle of correct pace should, if
possible, be used. If home teams are unable to supply feather shuttles
they must notify the visiting team's secretary at least seven days prior to
the fixture date, advising the visitors of the normal speed of the shuttles
used in their hall. (For failure to comply see Clause 21.
The Visitors then have the option of accepting nylon shuttles or providing
feather shuttles, for which the Home team must pay. A shuttle shall be
deemed to be correct pace, if, when a player of average strength strikes it
with a full underhand stroke from a spot immediately above one back
boundary line, parallel to the side lines, at an upward angle, it falls not
less than one foot and not more than two feet six inches short of the other
back boundary line. Each event of all matches shall be commenced with a
new shuttle.
A detailed score sheet of each match, signed and checked by a
representative of both clubs, must be posted by the winning club to the
appropriate Match Results Secretary within five days of the match as
printed in the handbook or of a notified and approved re-arranged date. In
the event of a draw the home club shall be held responsible for advising
the result. On any non-compliance with this regulation the offending club
shall be fined £5 and a further £5 for every 7 days after being advised of
the offence until the relevant Match Results Secretary has received the
necessary score sheet.
Matches must be played as appearing in the League Handbook. In the
event of any change of date the Home Club must offer the opposing club
at least two alternative dates. The agreed change of date must obtain
permission from the relevant Match Results Secretary and be confirmed
by both clubs. Matches may only be re-arranged or postponed because of
the non-availability of a hall, or the requirement to play a Cup Match on
the same date or if two or more players due to play in the match are
otherwise engaged in an Inter-League match or Tournament,
acknowledged by the L.C.B.A. or the B.A. of England. When
postponement of a match is required, the relevant Match Results
Secretary must be approached immediately and permission obtained with
regard to the re-arrangement of a match, (i.e. a minimum of seven days'
notice should be given, under normal circumstance). Should a team fail to
appear on the date of the fixture, a fine of twenty five pounds (£25) will
imposed and paid to the non-offending club to cover expenses if the
above prior notice has not been given to the Match Results Secretary and
the opposing club. For failure to comply with this rule, see penalty under
Clause 21.
Any team failing to fulfil two or more League Fixtures in any one season,
will at the discretion of the committee, be relegated and all their fixtures
declared void.
Only bona fide members of a Club who are liable to its full subscription
and are affiliated to Badminton England and Lancashire County
Badminton Association may represent it in any League Match.
The Team Fees, as agreed at the previous A.G.M., must be paid to the
Match Results Secretary before any registrations will be accepted.
Each Club Secretary shall send, on a form provided, a list of Registered
Players, together with their address and signature, to the Match Results
Secretary, at least four days before the first Club League Match of the
season, and the players so recorded on these lists shall be eligible to play
in matches or Tournaments sponsored by the League.
Additional and re-registered players (including those re-registered within
a club) must be registered on a similar form with the Match Results
Secretary at least four days before they are eligible to represent their
Club. (Only the correct Registration Form will be accepted.)
The last date of Registration shall be the 1st. February and the last date of
Re-registration, within a Club, the 1st. February in any season. Unless in
exceptional circumstances, which must be agreed by the Committee.
For failure to comply with this rule, see penalty under Clause 21.
A player shall represent only one Club in any one season, except with the
consent of the Committee which will only be granted in exceptional
Any person who leaves a Club, and at the time of leaving owes that Club
money, will not be allowed to register with any other Liverpool & District
Badminton League Club until that debt is cleared. Clubs must inform the
Person(s) concerned and the Match Results Secretary of any such
offences so as to ensure no such registration takes place.
Where a Club enters more than one team, sufficient players must be
registered initially to separately form each team (at least 8 players).
Such registered players shall be permitted to play in any higher team
although this must not be on a permanent basis unless the player
concerned is re-registered to that higher team.
The abuse of this rule, at the discretion of the League Committee, could
incur penalties to the offending club.
Such re-registration must be approved by the Hon. Match Results
Secretary prior to the same becoming operative.
No player shall play in more than one match in any one night.
Any injuries that could affect any team during the season must be
reported immediately to the League match Secretary.
All playing members of the club must be conversant with the rules of the
League, its matches and competitions and with the Laws of Badminton.
Lack of knowledge of a rule will not be accepted as reason for any offence committed.



For failure to comply with:-

Rules 13 and 18, the club responsible shall be liable to a minimum fine of five pounds, (£5), for every such offence, and a further five pounds, (£5), for every seven days after committing the offence until the Honorary Divisional or Match Results Secretary has received the required information.

Rules 12, 15, 17, 18 and 19, the club responsible shall forfeit the match unless decided otherwise by the Committee.

The Committee, at its discretion, can suspend or cancel the League Membership of any Club for breach of this or any of the foregoing rules.


Any dispute or complaint arising out of Clauses 1 to 11 or Clause 20 above, shall be referred in writing by the Honorary Secretary or other officer of the Club concerned to the Honorary Secretary of the League.
Any dispute or complaint arising out of Clauses 12 to 19 (Rules for Match Play), shall be referred in writing by an official of the club concerned to the relevant Honorary Match Results Secretary for decision with a copy sent to the club against whom the complaint is being made, to enable them to answer or defend the complaint, prior to any decision being made.

Any appeal shall be referred, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary of the League (with a copy to the other club involved), for submission to the Committee for decision, which shall be final.

In very exceptional circumstances, the League Committee shall be empowered to waive the application of a rule, provided it is in the best interests of the League, and is accepted unanimously by the Committee.

League members shall abide by the Lancashire County Badminton Association Disciplinary Procedure (code of conduct).


The Constitution and/or Rules of the League may only be altered at the Annual General Meeting of the League or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose. Written notice of any suggested alteration or addition to the Constitution and/or Rules must be submitted to the League Secretary in writing not later than 1st April in any year, and all such proposals shall circulated with the Agenda of the meeting concerned. Alterations and/or additions must be approved by a majority of those present and voting at the meeting, such alteration or addition to be operative immediately.


The Committee shall have the power to decide on any matter not covered by the Rules and their decision

Standing Orders for meetings


1. Minutes shall be made, in books provided for the purpose, of all resolutions and proceedings of General Meetings and of meetings of the Committee. Any such minutes, if signed by the Chairman of the meeting to which they relate or at which they are read, shall be received as conclusive evidence of the facts therein stated.

2. Agenda, together with notice of meeting, giving date, place and time of all General Meetings shall be circulated to Club Secretaries, and of Committee Meetings to all members of the Committee, both ex-officio and ordinary members. At least fourteen days notice shall be given of all general meetings and not less than seven days notice for Committee meetings, unless in an emergency when the Chairman shall authorise the Honorary Secretary to convene a Committee meeting.

3. No business shall be transacted until the minutes of the previous meeting have been dealt with; thereafter, items of business shall be taken in the order appearing on the agenda, unless agreed otherwise immediately after the signing of the minutes.

4. No business shall be transacted until a quorum is present; this for a General Meeting shall representatives of one third of the Clubs in Full membership, and for a Committee meeting, five persons. The quorum for Sub-committees shall be determined by the Committee when defining the powers of the Sub-committee. If within one half hour from the time appointed for a General Meeting, a quorum of members is not present, the meeting, if convened on the requisition of members, shall be dissolved. In any other case, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day of the following week at the same time and at an agreed place. If, at the adjourned meeting, a quorum of members is not present within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, the members then present and entitled to vote shall be a quorum.

5. Each member of the Committee shall be entitled to one vote at all Committee meetings. At General Meetings, officers of the League and each club representative shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote at all meetings.

6. The Chairman may, with the consent of the meeting, and must, on a majority vote, adjourn any meeting from time to time, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.

7. Representatives, entitled to vote, attending the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting shall have the power to vote on any amendment to any published motion and the Committee shall act upon such amendment, if carried, as though due notice of it had been given.

Only one amendment shall be before a meeting at any one time and if, when put to the meeting, the amendment is carried, the original motion shall fall, and the amended motion which is then the substantive motion, can be subject to a further amendment. If the amendment is declared not carried, a further amendment to the original motion then may be moved and considered.

8. At any time no two persons shall speak at the same time, the Chairman at all times shall get priority of speech, all speeches must be addressed to the Chair and no person, other than when presenting a report called for by the agenda, shall speak on any one subject at any one time for a period in excess of three minutes.

9. No motion may be discussed until it has been proposed and seconded. If the ensuing discussion, has continued for not less than fifteen minutes without any decision being made, the closure of the discussion can be moved by any person, who has not taken part in the discussion. Thereupon, the Chairman, must put the closure motion to the meeting; if this is agreed, no further discussion can be permitted and the Chairman must immediately put the motion under discussion to the meeting for a decision.

10. Upon the Chairman putting a motion to the meeting the decision of the majority shall thereafter be deemed the resolution of the meeting, and appropriate action shall be taken.

11. In all matters of debate and procedure not specified in these standing orders and the ruling of the Chairman shall be final.