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COVID - 19 & (VUI-202012/01)

In response to the evolving situation the league will post relavant information on this page and links to key governing body guidelines.


We are hoping that clubs will re-open as soon as they are able and we can get back to safe and well organised play.  The list of clubs that are open will be listed below - they will be adhearing to the latest guidance, please check with the club directly.


Club Status


Apollo              Closed

Crosby             Closed

Delco/Occs      Closed

Fords               Closed

Formby            Closed

Hilltop              Closed

KCF                  Closed

LJMU               Closed

South L/pool   Closed

Wavertree        Closed


Fords Juniors     closed

Wavertree Jnrs   closed

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