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Due to Covid-19 all league activities have been suspended for the rest of the 2019-20 season and beyond.  Some clubs will re-open in the New Yea, as soon as facilities allow and local restrictions are lifted, following the current Badminton England guidance.  



Liverpool Badminton League updates to

COVID -19  virus      [Please circulate to your club members]


1] Following discussion amongst the officers of the league and the advice from Central Government we have now decided to suspend all league matches as of today until further notice. Once we receive guidance that group activities can continue then we will resume.


2] We are leaving clubs to carry out their own risk assessment and decide when to stop running their own club nights. We understand that some facilities have been pre-paid and require 4 weeks notice to cancel without financial loss.

It is likely that school based facilities will be closed down by next week for a month in which case clubs won’t loose out.  


3] The Sangster Cup Final on Thursday 19th March will be postponed.


4] The League Presentation Night on Friday 15th May will be re-scheduled to a later date.


5] The Annual General meeting on 24th May will also be postponed until after Presentation Evening.


6] The Final Town Team match will be re-scheduled to a later date.

   Liverpool 4 v Blackburn 2.


We hope these decisions will help keep our badminton community safe and reduce the risk of infection so we can continue to have many more years to enjoy the sport.


Please keep yourself informed of the latest developments, especially things like the risk of taking ibuprofen (anti-inflammatories) as it may hinder the immune system.

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