Opening Wednesday 18th January 2017, 8-10pm.

The All New ! Liverpool Badminton Club

Opening in...


Welcome to the New Liverpool Badminton Club based at King David High School Wednesday's 8-10pm. Where you can PAY & PLAY!

The vision for this New club is to bring together a wide spectrum of players of varying abilities, ages and experience.

We hope to create a much needed learning environment for the sport where all can come to develop their skills, keep fit, chat with new friends, socialise and share ideas.

Various approaches will be used to cater for varying abilities, rackets can be borrowed for those who don't have one yet.
The 2 hour session will be split between, practice and application with a whole host of challenging opportunities.

Badminton England Programmes will be built in to the sessions.
EG. Essentials Beginners Course - Coaching
Smash-Up Activities for Teens
We will be running Doubles & Singles Ladders and a whole host of
members events.

As the club evolves there will be various membership categories available.

One of our main aims will be to create a mixed team and a men's team for the local league by September 2017.

Come Join our Amazing Journey of Development at King David High School each Wednesday 8-10pm. £6
Please note we can get very busy on match nights during the season.

Contact Rob 07702281104 for more info.

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